Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On the Way to Work..and Back Home

I do find DC to be a beautiful city. However, while when I first moved here, the monuments and the buildings were a huge deal. Now, sadly, I'm so used to passing them that I barely think about it. Also, the constant threat of a terrorist attack sits in the back of your mind, but ultimately to make it through the day, you just don't even go there. Until a bomb threat, but that's just a paid day off work :) (love those Suspicious Packages....until it closes down a metro station I need)

So, for fun, this morning, I decided to pay attention to what I drive by on the way to work and home. Below is some of my highlights (random pics I've taken over the last almost 4 years)

Going to Work:

The Bureau of Engraving (next to the Holocaust Museum):

The Department of Agriculture (and the Smithsonian Castle):

Self explanatory (also the National Mall and American History Museum in this area):

Also self explanatory (the black thing in the middle of the roof is a sniper):
Where I work:

Street I work on:

On the Way Home:

Lincoln Memorial (also Vietnam Memorial and Memorial Bridge)

Arlington National Cemetery:

The Pentagon (Shown is the 9/11 memorial. The benches pointing towards camera are for the people who died in the pentagon and the benches pointing towards the pentagon honor the people who died on the plane. This is side I pass along Columbia Pike)


  1. Very interesting Manda:) I have to come out there and see all this stuff!

  2. I never would have noticed the sniper. That is awesome! I'm glad you pointed it out.

  3. We have the monument tour down to a science so you get in get done seeing stuff and get out before traffic

    I didn't know it was a sniper until the Secret Service who works in one of our buildings told me. I thought it was just a chimney or something