Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day in the Life of Manda (before work)

5:00 AM- Alarm rudely decides to go off.

5:01 AM- still in bed whining in head about rude alarm. Cats have now jumped up on bed and demanding Iget up.

5:05AM- Have stumbled into and out of the bathroom and gathering up clothing for the day. Good lord, I need some new sick of the same ones every week, but that's what I get for getting fat. No new clothes for me. I'm my own clothes Nazi. Guess i better stay motivated.

5:10 AM- Dressed. Have now turned on News and checking email on phone. Damn, My Facebook gets a lot of action AFTER I go to bed. WTH?

5:15AM- gathering up lunch. Bitchy cats meowing and demanding food. Look down at them smile and say, "not until your Dad gets up" and walk out...I usually pay for this when I get home.

5:20 AM- Walking down the hall towards the elevator. Neighbor is also leaving for work for the day. Small talk while waiting for the elevator.

5:21 AM- Downstairs and walking towards the car. Oh hell, where did I freaking park yesterday?

5:25AM- Located car parked on opposite side of apartment that I went out. FML.

5:30 Am- On the way to work. Merging onto I-395. Why the hell are all these cars already on the road? Slam on brakes as dumb ass cabbie cuts me off to get over in lane. Sigh, Where is the NIS when you need them. They seriously need to start checking for green cards.

5:35 AM- Slamming brakes again as idiots who CLEARLY know that they have to get into the far left lane to exit towards Pentagon, come across 4 lanes of traffic.

5:35 AM-5:37 AM drive across 14th Street bridge, still cussing about idiot drivers. If my car could speak, I'd be in serious trouble with the things I shout out.

5:40 AM- Pull into Parking Garage. Oh dammit, wtf is my badge. Dump purse in seat to locate said badge. Find badge and wave to Security Guard. Person in car behind honks horn. I slam on brakes and sit.

5:42 AM- Finally decide to move after the car behind me has throughly had their day ruined. I smile and wave.

5:45 Am- Walk up the ramp and across the street to work after parking.

5:50AM- Computer has finally logged in (damn Federal comps) and open email.

5:50-6:00AM- Check and answer email, read news and obtain coffee.

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