Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heaven does exist on Earth

Today was Woodbridge Day. A day where we aren't lazy and actually venture down I-95 to shopping Mecca, otherwise known as Potomac Mills Outlet Stores. Usually this trip entails Starbucks, IKEA and JoAnn Fabrics. (and let me just say that my husband is one of the only guys I know who can walk into a JoAnn and actually want to get stuff for crafts- Good job Mellie and Sue)

This trip was a little different. I keep hearing about this mythical grocery store called Wegmans. I had never been and found that there was one right down the road from the Outlet Mall. Since we had nothing better to do, after the JoAnn stop, we decided to journey over there.
Sweet Jesus! The place is amazing!! We walked in and were right smack into the biggest produce section I have ever seen in a store...and this includes Whole Foods. I literally just stood there paralyzed, not knowing which way to look or where to go. Plus, the colors were just so gorgeous and the fruit and veggies just reeked of freshness. It was nose paradise.

After the shock of the produce section, we ventured on into the Bakery section. Breads and cheeses and cakes Oh my! Just everywhere you look, delicious food. Of course, about the time we got through the cheese, Aaron kindly told me to shut my mouth, I would be catching flies soon.

I didn't really hear him though. I was too busy looking at 30 different kinds of gouda....mmm....gouda. I loves me some cheese. Perhaps I was a mouse in a previous life. That wouldn't explain the sick attachment to Mexican food though.

Then my eyes beheld the candy and nuts bulk section....

..two entire aisles just filled to the brim
with sweetness. It took everything I had to not buy any. The place has a ready made section with a nice cafe to eat the food. Asian, Indian, Good Ol American Cuisine and every drink you could think of. It was all a feast for my eyes.

If you've ever been to World Market, surely you have beheld the amazing and worldly wine section. Yeah.....pretty sure Wegmans alcohol area just owned World Market, took it out behind the bleachers and got it pregnant. (Go me for the 30 Rock reference, which if you don't watch it, you are missing out)I have never seen an $800 bottle of wine. Apparently true ballers shop here. By the way, we are not said Ballers. Didn't see any Jay Z juice either, so, I guess we aren't ganstas either.

After wondering through the store, hyperventilating, we finally got out and went over to Uncle Julio's Rio Grande Cafe...probably the best chicken I've ever tasted for a Fajita..and Don Pablos has set a pretty high bar so, if you've had their chicken, this place's chicken just made Don pablos chicken it's biotch. This was just a cherry on top of Wegmans frosting.

I never made to IKEA.

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