Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Mysterious Attack of the Utility Bill

We've lived in this apartment since May of last year. Our utility bill usually runs around 50 bucks ( we have to pay trash, water and gas) The AC is electric so we don't have to pay that...which I'm sure somewhere Home Properties is cursing the record 71 days over 90 degrees last summer. We do pay our heat though.

We are cheap and tend to leave the heat off. We're on the 6th floor, and heat rises. However, the last 3 months, despite keeping the thermostat set to a toasty 55-60 degrees, our bill keeps rising. We started at around 30 bucks and this month is 106. Wth?! Now I know there are those of you who want to beat me considering what they pay for heat, but for us, this is unusual when the heat never runs.

Also, I know I'm a little shower obsessed, but how the hell did we end up spending 50 bucks on water?!

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  1. I will take your $206 bill ANYDAY! You can have my $700 heat and electric bill:) I think that that is a fair my books anyways:)