Friday, February 4, 2011

It's a Man's World and Intend to Crash it (Pt 2)

Being from Michigan, I was used to cheap. Cheap gas, cheap movies, cheap rent and I had always assumed places like New York or Boston would be expensive but it never crossed my mind that DC would be expemsive.....and then I moved here.

The most expensive place I had ever seen was the townhouses off Robinson, where Aaron had lived for a bit with his "Guy Love" he had met at Spring Arbor University (they aren't gay, but if they were, at least he'd be leaving me for some one who was a genius) which was around 900 a month, but this was two stories with a finished basement and everything. 900 bucks here? That will get you a studio in the ghetto with drug dealers on the corner (which actually exists and I looked at one place way down Richmond Highway towards Ft look around and Sarah turned and looked at me and said, "I FORBID you to live here!") I settled for a 1300 a month place in Alexandria right off the highway. It seemed OK in the daylight, but you know how people say you should check it out at night as well? Yeah, those people are smart. More about that later.

I got all moved in and stood there with my puppin and watched my parents drive away back to Michigan, mom bawling hysterically in the front seat. I settled in and called the hiring girl at my new job who was very excited I got in early so I went over and had my drug test and prepared for my first day of work. I seriously should have drove to find the place before hand. I left at 7:00 am (way too late for 395) and sat...and sat..and sat. Damn traffic. Finally got across the bridge into DC and got off at the correct exit but ended up going the wrong way and crossing ANOTHER bridge back out of DC....and suddenly looked down and saw the van was overheating. I was lost, stuck in traffic and my van was dying. I did what any new city girl would do. Pulled over, started crying hysterically and called my dad. Dad of course frustrated because, really, what could he do? Not much, but dammit I needed sympathy. Hung up from him, composed myself,called my new boss and told him I was lost. Luckily, Bill , which was his name, grew up in DC so he directed me back to where I needed to be. I am a person who HATES people being late and am terrified to show up late. My very first day at my new construction job, I was 4 hours late.

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