Monday, July 25, 2011

Fat Head Diet Week 3

Hubs: 5 pounds
Me: 2 pounds

I'm proud of that's been a stressful week.

Friday, July 22, 2011

"Satan, Satan Lend Me a Dollar..."

The temps remain at 100 degrees outside at 9:00 PM. I'm trying to stay positive as I can pretty much stay in the AC all day but the minute I spent getting in and out of my car to reach a building was hell. The irritating thing for me is the loss of income due to the fact I can't physically do tours. My body can't physically function in temps over 90. I may sound whiny, but you try having heat stroke. Not fun. At all. (I had one last summer . I don't remember anything of that day except I walked a 5K that was followed by a migraine and black out..scary stuff)

I thought going to the pool would be refreshing, but one minute swimming in lava and I was done. Seriously, if I'm going to take a hot bath, I'd much prefer one in my clean tub and not in a cement hole with screaming kids and make out couples. (Side Note, I think the apartment should keep the pool "Swim at Own risk" after 8 for kid free enjoyment- at least then something would justify them raising the rent 100 bucks)

Heatapalooza continues through the weekend. I guess it's going to be a relaxing one of holding down the couch under my snuggie and laughing at my apartment complex who thought it would be cheaper to make us pay for gas and water instead of the central air that I (and probably several neighbors) have cranked at a soothing 60 degrees. Suckers.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Reading List (Pool Edition)

The gift of the Kindle has been the greatest thing I've been given by my husband. I have made myself take time to read and learn to enjoy books and allow myself the escape. The following books are what I've read or been reading so far this summer by the pool.

This book angered me. I won't lie. I got it because I figured I might learn some new stories for tours and some new historical information. Holy hell was I wrong. I figured on reading about Laura Schaffer (the actual version) and the Female Stranger as they are well known stories, but I was not prepared to read my and my fellow guides freaking tours. I think he went on a tour and tape recorded someone....just not sure exactly which guide(s)..going to start shadowing to find out.

Ok, the next book is not anything I would ordinarily pick up. I don't do well with the Young Adult books (Twlight and Harry Potter are major suck fests) but something about this one made me download it. I'm glad I did! It was a fascinating book, I could barely put down. So different and the premise was interesting. I don't know if I will go see the movie version as they tend to ruin books, but maybe. I am going to get the next two books in the trilogy when I get paid. Highly recommend.

I'm currently reading this book. I heart Jen Lancaster. She's funny and snappy and when I read her books, I swear it's like reading myself. If you like light and fluffy reads and like to laugh at lot (I mean, the character moves into Jake Ryan's can you not love 16 candles) this is great chick lit. Love her!

Monday, July 11, 2011

"Fat Head" Week 1 Tally

Total pounds lost: 5!

So only borderline fat now. This week should be fun. I'm working out of the corporate office so I will probably go downstairs to the free gym at lunch. Then go for a walk with the hubs when he gets home. No tours until Friday so I have the whole week to concentrate on me.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Playlist

I've been finding myself in my car more frequently with a jobsite in Chantilly and running back and forth from the Corporate Office to the field office so I've been getting to listen to all this fabulous music I've been downloading. So without further adieu, my summer jams.

1. 21, Adele- I can't even pick one song so I just listen to the entire CD over and over again. It is too fantastic not to.

2. Jar of Hearts, Christine Peri- This song is gorgeous.

3. I love You Like a Love Song, Selena Gomez.....I can't even justify this one. It's a shameful one.

4. I do, Colbie Colait- Such a light and fluffy feel. Perfect for summer when laying by the pool.

5. Femme Fatale, Britney Spears- Another CD I can't stop listening to. It usually follows Adele. Britney is back!

6. Unchained Melody, Laura Alaina. OK, I am happy with Scotty winning American Idol, but I think Laura may have a longer career. which is fine with me. I love her version of this song. It doesn't go off a tangent from the actual song.

7. Going out in Style, Dropkick Murphys. Love Irish punk. More fun music for summer. Very Bouncy.

8. Guitar Hero, Amanda Palmer. I love the Dresden Dolls and Amanda doesn't stray far from their sound on her solo stuff.

9. Float On, Modest Mouse- This song gets busted out every summer. First song I ever downloaded. I played it as loud as possible to drown out "Hyena" and "Amazon" in the dorm.

10. White Rabbit, Egypt Central. Love them. That is all.

Apparently in the summer I like Poppy music and fluff. Oh well. Off to the pool for me.


Well, we are almost through the first week of the diet. With little to no exercise and then limiting carbs...Aaron has so far lost 6 pounds and I have lost 4. Actual to be determined tomorrow.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Good Lord

This diet is already frustrating. I've never read so many food labels in my life. Do you know how many products have Soybean,corn or wheat in them??? Pretty much everything! This even applies to the healthy foods. guess Im going to have to puruse the Gluten Free section.

Sigh...guess it's all Farmer's Market for grocery shopping tomorrow......and Wegmans....I need my shopping porn.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Fat Head" Diet- Day 1 and 2

Not having my morning toast or bagel could kill me....

Day 1 wasn't too bad. I started off with some eggs and turkey bacon and lunch was the left over half of my burrito bowl from Qdoba. Dinenr was slightly carby and bad. I had 2 avocado rolls, that were dipped in soy sauce. The avocado and Nori are fine but the rice and soy sauce are carbariffic.

Today, my nemesis is my coffee addiction. I'm at 24 ounces for the looks like it will be water for the rest. Have to run our to a job site so lunch may be on the go but I might sneak over and grab a salad real quick at the bufffet before I go. Breakfast was fruit (watermelon, honeydew, grape, cantalope and pineapple).

Unfortunately I have no idea on weight loss. this is the week that it's pretty much pointless to weigh myself since it isn't a real weight so we'll see Monday. I know Im fat so anythign less is an improvement :)

Since I will be out of work early, I will try to get a walk in at the gym before my tour since it's too hot for outside

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Fat Head" and the Quest to see if Atkins was full of pie or actually right.

I love long weekends. I love them more with a Netflix subscription. Just lay on the sofa, turn on the Xbox 360 (for streaming....I still can't figure out the damn controller for it's actual use, plus I think that it's a conspiracy that allows guys to feel that they are, for once, the smarter mammal) and pick your movie.

This weekend, in between marathons of "Parking Wars" and cleaning, I decided to enhance my brain and check out a documentary. I ended up choosing "Fat Head" The basic premise of the film is that Morgan Spurlock's "Super Size me" was a load of crap and that what we have been taught by the food industry as a whole is completely wrong. Granted afterwards, I did lots of "fact checking" (Yeah Google) and indeed, many people were there refuting every claim made by this movie.

The biggest point, besides the fact that the guy LOST weight eating fast food, was that health is being destroyed by some of the things we are told we should eat. Our bodies are primed to crave sweet, salty and fat. However, nature's version of sweet equates to fruits and the salty and fat comes from meat. (mmm.... Bacon). We did not eat Grains or oils (corn and soy.....and what is in 95% of processed foods?) until the advent of argriculture. Our bodies are not made to process grains like corn and soy. A fun fact: "As heart-disease rates were skyrocketing in the mid-1900s, consumption of animal fat was going down, not up. Consumption of vegetable oils, however, was going up dramatically."

Well, the science about fat processes and the whole HDL /LDL cholestorol was interesting and we decided to go into the kitchen and see what we had that was healthy to eat. PS...pretty much 95% of our kitchen is carbs. Huh, that sucks.

However, the hubs and I have decided to take on the challenge of limiting our carbs for a month to test the theory presented in this documentary-that eating a low fat low calorie diet is not the way to go. Thank God cheese qualifies to be eaten because I just can't quit that creamy, delicious dairy. So for July, we are going to limit ourselves as much as we can to foods that would have been eaten by earlier people. We will eat Meat (salty and fatty), dairy(fatty), veggies(?) and fruits (sweet) and limit intake of breads, rice and pasta (this will suck). I will try to continue blogging on the process but I'm not promising...because it would be empty.