Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Playlist

I've been finding myself in my car more frequently with a jobsite in Chantilly and running back and forth from the Corporate Office to the field office so I've been getting to listen to all this fabulous music I've been downloading. So without further adieu, my summer jams.

1. 21, Adele- I can't even pick one song so I just listen to the entire CD over and over again. It is too fantastic not to.

2. Jar of Hearts, Christine Peri- This song is gorgeous.

3. I love You Like a Love Song, Selena Gomez.....I can't even justify this one. It's a shameful one.

4. I do, Colbie Colait- Such a light and fluffy feel. Perfect for summer when laying by the pool.

5. Femme Fatale, Britney Spears- Another CD I can't stop listening to. It usually follows Adele. Britney is back!

6. Unchained Melody, Laura Alaina. OK, I am happy with Scotty winning American Idol, but I think Laura may have a longer career. which is fine with me. I love her version of this song. It doesn't go off a tangent from the actual song.

7. Going out in Style, Dropkick Murphys. Love Irish punk. More fun music for summer. Very Bouncy.

8. Guitar Hero, Amanda Palmer. I love the Dresden Dolls and Amanda doesn't stray far from their sound on her solo stuff.

9. Float On, Modest Mouse- This song gets busted out every summer. First song I ever downloaded. I played it as loud as possible to drown out "Hyena" and "Amazon" in the dorm.

10. White Rabbit, Egypt Central. Love them. That is all.

Apparently in the summer I like Poppy music and fluff. Oh well. Off to the pool for me.

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