Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Fat Head" Diet- Day 1 and 2

Not having my morning toast or bagel could kill me....

Day 1 wasn't too bad. I started off with some eggs and turkey bacon and lunch was the left over half of my burrito bowl from Qdoba. Dinenr was slightly carby and bad. I had 2 avocado rolls, that were dipped in soy sauce. The avocado and Nori are fine but the rice and soy sauce are carbariffic.

Today, my nemesis is my coffee addiction. I'm at 24 ounces for the looks like it will be water for the rest. Have to run our to a job site so lunch may be on the go but I might sneak over and grab a salad real quick at the bufffet before I go. Breakfast was fruit (watermelon, honeydew, grape, cantalope and pineapple).

Unfortunately I have no idea on weight loss. this is the week that it's pretty much pointless to weigh myself since it isn't a real weight so we'll see Monday. I know Im fat so anythign less is an improvement :)

Since I will be out of work early, I will try to get a walk in at the gym before my tour since it's too hot for outside

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