Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Manda, Bitch!

Wow. I really wanted to stay on the blogging this year. However, working 6am to 10 pm tends to kill the ability and the will to want to blog. So maybe in May I'll recommit Not a whole lot to report. Just working and tours. working and tours. The tours will be worth it at the end when I buy my new ugly ass UGG boots. HEAVEN on the feet. Also, paying off more the getting out of debt feeling. Deuces.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Trying to brainstorm a Book

The phone rings. Sigh.

"This is Manda."

"Amanda," that all familliar Irish brogue that makes my entire body tighten in rage says, "when do you think you will be done with the conference room. The AV guys need to do their work."

"Well, Graham*, we plan to start tomorrow and are planning on being done by Wednesday."

"That's fine. When will you be done?"

"Um, Wednesday?"

"Ok, very good"


I place the phone back down and sigh. Just another usual day in the nut house. Sometimes I think I should look to see if I have a bushy tail growing out of my ass. I'm surrounded by enough nuts, literally and figuratively. What? It's construction. It's all men. I'm female. Therefore, I'm the stupid one at all times...........

*name changed to protect the stupid.