Thursday, February 10, 2011

Conversations of the Marrieds**

Me: "We're getting some good money back on taxes! Yeah! It's all for me and my bills this year. ALL about ME!"

Aaron:" I need 500 to fix my truck. I also want 100 bucks then you can pay bills. "

Me: "You should have thought about that when you decided to re-end someone. You can have the 500 but the 100 is mine. I just did our taxes so consider it payment to your accountant. It's Manda, b**ch!" *starts singing Gimme, Gimme More* (hey, I like Britney...No judging)

Aaron: I'm running to the store, you ain't right. Do you have any money? I literally have less than a dollar to my name until tomorrow."

Me: "Yeah in my work bag. Hey, can you stop by my car and see if my phone is down there?"

Aaron: "I'll just take your car to the store."

Me: "NO! I have a good parking spot and I leave when it's dark out! I don't want to trounce across the scary parking lot in the back."

Aaron: "I have to leave in the dark too"(LIE)

Me: "But you're a man. They don't bug you. "

Aaron: "Yeah I guess so. Alright I'll be back. Can you start dinner?"

Me: "Hey, Aaron! (he turns around) that's I'll be back, Manda...b**ch".

**Yes, I'm aware that this is probably only funny to us

*** My phone was in the car

**** Instead of starting Dinner in his absence, I continued to hold down the couch watching "Clean House"

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