Friday, January 21, 2011

And I Ran.....

I was on the track team from 7th-11th grades. Yes, me, on the track team and I even have pictures to prove it! However, for the most part, I did track to get out of gym class. I never really had any expectations about being sporty because I'm not a natural athlete. (Still a true fact, but I am what I am). I am glutton for embarassment so I did the 100M dash (always last and 3 seconds behind), long jump (I would have placed once if Jonesville hadn't cheated) and the 800M relay (we consistently beat Jonesville, ha!). Now, basically, that last one was the farthest I could ever run-half a track length.

I continued on through life beyond high school and just figured running was not something I would ever be able to do. I remained blissfully happy and didn't let it bother me. Then I started to get fatter and lazier, even more so after I got married. Watching Biggest loser one night with my Taco Bell or Chinese (whichever we ended up with) I watched 400 pound people running 5Ks. Man, talk about shaming a shameless person. If these people could do it, surely I could?!

I began researching how to get started and found the Couch to 5K. Hmm..looked pretty interesting, easy to start and look, an ipod app. Bonus! I downloaded that even though I was confident I was wasting 2 bucks. I started the program a week later with the hubs. Yeah, so let me just say this now, I wanted to DIE! After the second minute of running I was ready to say screw this, but then something happened. Something strange that I have never had before. My brain woke up and told my body to shut up and just do it -My body remains pissed. I finished that first day and have continued off and on following the program with varying degrees of success.

Last week, I ran a mile and a half. 6 times around a track. I could never even run one lap before, but here I was doing 6 laps and I haven't looked back.

To be continued....


  1. "Yes, me, on the track team and I even have pictures to prove it!"
    Put them on FB.

  2. Oh I will! I'll show you! As soon as i figure out how to scan my yearbook :D

  3. hahahaha! Where's the like button?