Saturday, January 29, 2011

The adventures of Cleo and Daria, Pt1

I love my kittehs. Extremely entertaining and straight up full on bitch, they keep life interesting. I think why we get along is because I respect them. In saying respect, I'm not saying I hold them in high regard but more like, I respect the fact that they can kill me at anytime should I piss them off at just the right moment.

Cleo came first. I was on orientation in Dulles for my job. Now,Dulles is 35 minutes away from where I lived at the time. I honestly wanted to drive there everyday, but they demanded that I stay in this hotel. I thought I would get out of it because I had a dog, but nope- They paid for me to keep my dog there for the entire week. I know you are asking, why would I not want to stay in a hotel. Well, many reasons. The biggest is because of the comforter. In high school I was a Dateline fanatic. One night they had a special where they took black lights into hotels and the comforters and walls were covered in old DNA. This led to the adventures of the

"Penis blanket" in Florida and I'm still scarred.
Anyways, I had to stay in this hotel and it was pretty nice, so I figured it would be safe to sleep in the bed. Flash (dog) made himself right at home and enjoyed hotel living. Of course he was a spoiled fat hot dog so only the best for my Puppin. (spolied brat in the picture to the right)

Well, I knew no one, and I'm not really a people person, so I decided to stay in my room for most of the orientation evenings..I did get drawn out by the promise of dinner and beer but other than that, most of these people were boring as hell so I laid in bed and watched my favorite trashy MTV shows and surfed Facebook before facebook was cool. (oh yes, I was one of the first to join after it became available to MSU- I clearly had no life back then either)

I had gotten it into my mind a few weeks prior I wanted a cat. I didn't want to deal with a kitten because I didn't have the time to train so I decided to see what the local shelters had. On the website, they had featured a cat. She was pretty but looked like a super bitch. I have yet to figure out what it was but I decided right away I wanted that cat. I went down the next day and was introduced. They pulled her out of the cage and she immediately starting hissing at the other cats...anti-social, no? There was just something about this cat, so I adopted her and brought her home. Where Flash was waiting. Yeah, that introduction
did not go well. The dog was more than accommodating but the cat was not having it. She was acting like a super biotch, Queen of the nile, hence her new name, Cleo.

(Cleo's first day in the apartment)

Life was good for Miss Cleo. Until 2 years later when my husband joined me. Now the main difference between Aaron and me, is that Aaron LOVES cats. I like cats but every stray he sees he wants to take home, and probably would if we had a house (thank you Caylor Gardens for your 2 (3) pet limit- The 3 refers to the fact that Daria was technically illegal since we already had a cat and dog) His cousin Robin came out for a visit (our graduation present to her) and we were shopping at Potomac Yards and went into Petsmart. We looked at the cats and there in the cage was a gorgeous gray, long haired cat. Upon closer inspection I determined that she also had a bitchy look. Aaron fell in love and we decided to adopt her. Oh great, I already live in fear of death by one, backup is all she needs......

Daria joined us that afternoon. Cleo was is not the right word to describe it...extremely pissed would be more accurate. They did not get along. It was a constant cat battle for supremacy in the apartment. At one point we figured we should be prepared for the Nazis to come storming through our door at the command of Cleo Hitler. We were ready to give up and get rid of one of them but we moved out of "Mexico" and uptown into the "Landmark". New territory calmed them down. When Daria originally joined us, the apartment was already Cleo's castle. Here they were both paupers on equal footing. They quickly made themselves at home.

Unfortunately, this led to a new chapter that was even worse than Cat War 2. They get along. While this was thrilling at first, it began to dawn on me. Oh my God, Cleo now has willing back up.......

To be Continued

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