Thursday, September 8, 2011

Change is Inevitable Except From a Vending Machine.

The last few weeks have been a blur. I've been spending my days packing and purging to prepare for our move to the real Virginia (Northern Virginia is a foreign country compared to the rest of the state) and I'm tired. I do have to say the temporary unemployment hasn't been too bad. I could get used to a life of leisure, despite the fact it has screwed up my sleep schedule. I've finished the entire series of both 70s show and 3rd Rock from The Sun and am now working on Mad Men. I've also become sadly addicted to the ultimate time suck,

It's a huge change. If you asked me two months ago what I would be doing in two months, it definitely wouldn't be this. I was worried about possible unemployment and was so miserable, I left work one day and drove to one of the many strip malls along Gallows Rd and sat in the parking lot with my head buried in the steering wheel crying and basically just sobbed "Tell me what I'm supposed to do, God" and in a quick series of events that followed, I am now moving to Richmond. It's amazing how things just work out.

Anyways, short blog, I know, but I just haven't felt inspired to write about anything. I'm sure my new neighbors will provide me with fodder soon enough.
Until then, I'm out.

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