Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Winter/Early Spring Reading List

My husband got me a Kindle for our anniversary. It is the best gift I have ever been given. So much easier to maneuver than a book. It also renewed my willingness to actually read a "book". I went ape shit on Amazon downloading stuff to read and created a reading list for myself.

The first download ever was this book. I'm a ho for good Chick Lit and The title sold me. I'm glad I bought this book. Jen Lancaster is my author soul mate. So much voice in her writing and while at first you want to hate her, the book is so damn funny, it's hard to believe it's a memoir and you love her.

After I finished Jen's First Book, I downloaded her Third book. I definitely identified with "Pretty Fat" as she described her quest to lose weight, trying every fad diet on the market. Plus again, she is such an ass, it's hysterical. Her descriptions of wanting to die from the beating she gets from her personal trainer is a universal pain we all share.

Next on my list is the companion book to the show we have been watching on Science Channel called "An Idiot Abroad". I heart Ricky Gervais and everything he does. He is the definitive office person, Steve Carell can only hope to emmulate. This whole experiment he did is hilarious and Karl does nothing but complain. I can't wait to read his journal entries.
Once I finish "Idiot" I'm going to start reading "Water for Elephants" I started it a long time ago but things happened and I never finished it. Now, since it's going to be a movie, I would like to see how it ends in the book before Hollywood ruins the ending.

'Til Next Time

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